Have you read KAYLA – Book One yet? Book Two is nearly here…

It is hard to remain buoyant in these troubled times so I wanted to write a story of hope and affinity. A story that reclaims the possibility of deep elemental connection that, not so many generations ago, was ours as creatures sharing this earth, water, air, fire and space.

This novella is the first book of KAYLA, complete in itself but one of a series, a bit like this journey of life.

Clean water is the most primary need and right of every living being.

Rather than play the waiting game with the publishing industry to decide the merit of my tale, I am making the story available now, here online.

On that note, any thoughts and feedback would be most welcome.

KAYLA is available as a download in pdf format – click link below the reviews for your copy


Some responses from readers:

Kayla’s journey carries us through diverse Australian climatic conditions with complete conviction.

The  narrator’s voice is swift, sure and commands a poetic eye equipped for both inner and outer travel. Water. What could be more essential to life?  Kayla has been gifted and tutored to respond to the assaults we’ve made on the most precious resource of this driest of continents. To redress the imbalance seems nigh impossible. Yet her actions inspire as does the defiant tenderness that moves us through these pages.

Rod Moss

Central Australian Artist & Writer

2014    Chief Minister’s NT Book of the Year Award, One Thousand Cuts

2011     Prime Minister’s non-fiction award, and the NT Book of the Year


Just finished reading Kayla. I really love it, just awesome. Vital evocative message. Beautiful imagery. It made my heart sing.
Well worth publishing.
I would love to read the sequel of how Kayla discovers her self and her purpose  in her ancestral home. 

Wilma Pearson


Finished reading this last night and love this poetically penned coming of age story of the young inspirational Kayla. I’m delighted she is a guardian of mother earth, her precious water and takes an unconventional approach to work and life. This is a lesson in self nurturing and bravery all rolled into one. Looking forward to the next instalment…

Lyndi Whalen


Wow, what a beautiful story. So richly told. I really connected with Kayla. And I was in tears at the end. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. 5 stars!

Jessie Di


I love the thought provoking take of this story, I loved being emotionally connected to the strong main character and her destiny. It dealt with current social issues reminding me of the delicate balance between nature and humans. The pace of the book was steady and consistent throughout and at no point did the story feel rushed. This great story had me captivated from start to end and left me feeling uplifted.  Can hardly wait for the next one and the continuation of Kayla’s journey!

Louise Hulme


I love the transcendence of Kayla’s affinity to water, and the dimension beyond the usual that you bring to this story. It’s expanded beyond narrative into allegory while maintaining the linear story, and thus operating on more than one level.

The literal narrative unfolds fluidly and Kayla’s travels provide a wide ranging portrait of Australian country and regional life. Your descriptions of the landscapes are as ever full of the senses. I can feel and smell and see and touch and taste as you write about the dust, and the moistness, and the eucalypts and the sand ….

The whole novella throbs with authenticity and sincerity and passion. It stands alone. It cries out for more!  

Gill Neale


KAYLA is a mysterious and beautiful story. Impassioned by an intuitive knowledge, Kayla leaves conventional school and family life at fifteen to pursue her dreams. Amongst many themes it speaks about social connectivity, politics and finding oneself. It is slowly thrilling and draws on the deep secrets of water. You can almost smell and see the Australian landscape in this book. This read is definitely something to broaden the perspective; showing heart in what seems like ordinary situations, revealing the forgotten mysteries of life.

Rebecca Ooniqua Brown


I can’t really add to the very articulate responses already given, with which I agree wholeheartedly. Although, it is unusual for the mood of a book to stay with me as Kayla did. I was driving along this morning and the uplifting mysterious atmosphere of your book was still with me. It is beautifully written, expressing so many parts of human nature difficult to put into words.

I guess the way you talked about shifting out of cultural/ psychological ruts or expectations was one of the most powerful components for me. I couldn’t stop reading it, can’t wait for the next one to see what happens when Kayla goes to Newfoundland.  Lisa Parrish



Click here on KAYLA for your copy:

KAYLA- Book One

You are welcome to read it for free or if you would like to make a contribution you can donate any amount of your choosing here:


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Original artwork by Nettie Hulme

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