Drawing from the well

drawingfromthewellDrawing From the Well by Francesca Louise Cairns

Published by Brolga Publishing Pty Ltd 2005

A Journey of loss, memory and renewal.
In the desert of South Australia, echoes of the past meld with the present as Dru McCrae returns to her ancestral home to explore her shadows and uncover family secrets. In this contemplative inner journey of memory, loss and renewal, the past and present meld and merge as Dru confronts herself and the aftershocks of her family’s tragic past. In the heart of this arid, barren landscape Dru submerges herself in her family’s history, unravelling the mystery of her uncle’s senseless death and her mother’s long exile from her father’s home and heart. In this place where time moves strangely and the fatal desert shimmers with deadly beauty, Dru confronts the legacy of her bloodline and resurrects hope from shame.

Fran Cairns:

“Drawing From the Well is a contemplative book, an experiential journey of rediscovery.

Through the poetic language I hope to set a pace that will allow the reader to take the time to savour each moment and find their own intimate connection.

To appreciate the reflection of these moments in their own world.”



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Drawing from the Well Extract One

Drawing from the Well Extract Two

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Drawing from the Well


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