KAYLA Book Two

In Book Two Kayla travels halfway across the world to Newfoundland Canada, the country of her ancestors and of her dreaming…

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I reluctantly finished Kayla 2 this morning and I’m missing her already! Crack on Fran, we’re all waiting! My armchair adventure with Kayla to Newfoundland was a cryptic aperitif now I want the main course. Mystery, politics, warmth, contemplation, and exciting possibilities. Excellent!

Janet Rattigan (Tasmania, Australia)

Kayla is a captivating read that instantly takes the audience on an adventurous journey. The author is truly talented, it is astonishing how she brings together both Newfoundland and Australian cultures and allows them to collide in this epic tale. This is a must read, it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as Kayla embarks on a journey of a lifetime to discover her native roots.

Charlee Jennifer Kathleen (Newfoundland, Canada)

Francesca Cairns crafts an unforgettable character who comes to Newfoundland seeking the truth of her mysterious past.  An immensley readable tale of a woman caught between the real and the mystic.  The story flows like the water itself which brings Kayla to the profound answer to the mystery.
A sensitive, wise tale told in beautiful prose – part philosophy, part story, totally enjoyable!
Kayla had always felt haunted by unknown spirits, and traveled half way around the world to find the answer in a small Newfoundland outport.
Sandy Stavlo (Newfoundland, Canada)

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