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Just finished reading Kayla. I really love it, just awesome. Vital evocative message. Beautiful imagery. It made my heart sing.

For Nettie

First light earth’s light rim greyed with storm. First awareness born as wind’s realm swirls whispering promise of your coming…   Full rounded belly pregnant cloud hangs, waiting, as do I… Electric otherworld rumbles as you turn my way and I taste, in the flaring intensity, your elemental urgency for expression, for connection, for release. … Continue reading For Nettie

Today I watched over the fjord

Today I watched over the fjord counting the years since I fell into the ocean of your loving.   Captivated, as the water in fathoms immeasurable, between sculpted cliff and boulder, leaning shoulder to shoulder, like the hours and days passing. Keepers of memory and time, these ancient guides, scribe in watermarks indelibly in their … Continue reading Today I watched over the fjord


Love whispered its promise in my ear, lingering, as though with longing echoed. Trailed its fingers across my body, through my resistance into my heart. Teasing with the touch of delight, the thrill of possibility… and fled.