Have you read KAYLA – Book One yet? Book Two is nearly here…

Almost ready to launch Kayla – Book Two!

Fran Cairns

It is hard to remain buoyant in these troubled times so I wanted to write a story of hope and affinity. A story that reclaims the possibility of deep elemental connection that, not so many generations ago, was ours as creatures sharing this earth, water, air, fire and space.

This novella is the first book of KAYLA, complete in itself but one of a series, a bit like this journey of life.

Clean water is the most primary need and right of every living being.

Rather than play the waiting game with the publishing industry to decide the merit of my tale, I am making the story available now, here online.

On that note, any thoughts and feedback would be most welcome.

KAYLA is available as a download in pdf format – click link below the reviews for your copy

Some responses from readers:

Kayla’s journey carries us through…

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Love whispered its promise in my ear, lingering, as though with longing echoed. Trailed its fingers across my body, through my resistance into my heart. Teasing with the touch of delight, the thrill of possibility… and fled.